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  • confessions of a blogger on hiatus

    I can barely breathe through all the dust and cobwebs that have collected around these parts… but hello! I’m still alive and kicking!

    Where to start? The last time I wrote was almost 3 months ago, and while that isn’t an eternity by any means, it feels like a lot longer. Probably because I had no game plan, no determined timeline of when I would post again, and no way of knowing if I would want to.

    / August 16, 2017
  • bob’s café

    We’ve been living in our area for almost 4 years now, and in those few years, we’ve gained and discovered quite a few restaurants and cafés that we really enjoy – and are always excited for new openings that are only a few minutes away from our flat. So when Bob’s Café opened up a new branch on our doorstep, and were offering free food for their soft launch (yes, completely free, no catch!), we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

    / May 22, 2017
  • cape town :: lion’s head hike & manna epicure

    As we left the safari experience of a lifetime behind us, I could only hope that a few days in Cape Town could mend my broken heart, already missing the people and animals we fell in love with. Thankfully, we’d heard wonderful things about Cape Town, and it lived up to our expectations and more – from the beautiful beaches and mountains, the wildlife and nature, to the incredible restaurant scene and warm-hearted locals, it’s a place I’d return to over and over.

    Although it wasn’t the first thing we did in CT, I wanted to start off with a bang and introduce you to the city with these stunning views. First impressions count for something!

    / May 8, 2017
  • our south african safari

    Before we get started, I have to warn you that this is probably the most photo-heavy blog post you’ll probably ever read, at least on WTW. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy looking at them as much as I do, and I’ll try to keep my “talking” to the minimum and let the pictures speak for themselves. 

    Having said that, the photographs are very much a one dimensional memory of the experience – you can’t capture the different auras, quirks and unique behaviours of each animal anywhere close to how it feels in real life. I’ve compiled a very casual, non-edited video of the clips we took, which hopefully captures some of that magic. 

    So! Safari. How can I put this into words? It was so far beyond what I expected. We were excited to see the animals in the wild, and that’s about all we knew of the safari experience. But my goodness, it is so much more. I know that a lot had to do with the lodge we chose to stay in, so let me tell you a little bit about Toro Yaka Bush Lodge

    / May 2, 2017
  • marcus at the berkeley

    I’m back with a bang! I have a slew of travel posts coming your way, but we’ll kick things off with something to make you very hungry on a Monday morning. 

    Marcus Wareing is a chef I’ve admired from afar for a while, but have curiously never made it to any of his restaurants before. So when I was lucky enough to pick one of the amazing Feast on London deals from Bookatable to try out, Marcus at The Berkeley seemed like the perfect option.

    My lovely date C and I settled into a comfy sofa table after a long day of work, and readied ourselves for the feast with their “London cocktail” – essentially a bellini with a twist. A lovely way to start, fresh and not too sweet.

    / April 24, 2017
  • the happy list, revisited

    Today, I’m determined to be positive! Although it’s hard to put all the saddening and frightening chaos out of our minds, I think I need to pull my blog out into the light again, dust it off a little, and ease myself in with the easier, fluffier things. I think we can all do with some distraction, and I’m welcoming it with open arms – I want to switch off from some personal things that are on my mind, too, so it’s a good a time as any.

    So, stuff that has been making me happy lately!

    / February 8, 2017
  • Silence is not good enough

    I don’t even know where to begin with the frankly disgusting news from across the pond. It already has and will have a domino effect around the world, and I find it incredibly hard to see any light at the end of this grim and shameful tunnel – one that I feel we’ve been in since last summer.

    It’s always made me uncomfortable that during times of crisis (and yes, this is a crisis of epic proportions), all we seem to be able to do for the most part is to give money. Donate here, donate there – it can feel like you’re putting a superficial bandaid on something and you’re walking away feeling self-righteous about your little deed. But donating to ACLU is probably one of the best things you can do, especially if you feel as helpless as I do and want to at least do something. Because this really is not about being American or not being American. Human decency is being crushed by one power-abusing, bigot at a time, and if we can’t stand up to them, who are we?

    / January 30, 2017
  • 2 0 1 7

    Hello! Happy New Year!

    I’m sensing a lot of positivity about 2017 around me. It probably has something to do with 2016 being a sad and confusing year for many, but I’ll take it. Although last year had me despondent and disappointed on more than one occasion with the goings on in the world, for me personally, it was a wonderful one in many ways. I felt especially fulfilled and excited about my work, my sister moved back to London, I was a bridesmaid for the second time and we saw two of our best friends get married, E and I felt our marriage go from strength to strength, we had incredible trips to Vietnam and the Amalfi Coast, and all our close family and friends have been healthy and happy. 

    / January 2, 2017
  • time

    3 years ago, I was a few months into marriage, living with my husband who I thought I loved then but didn’t know that I would love so much more every year that went by. I was a few months past the comfort that was student life, and though it was daunting, I had never felt so free, so myself and no one else. I was a few months into the lightness that I knew would reward me after the toughest year I’d ever been through, and every waking second was a reminder of why I stood my ground. I was a few months into living in a city I adore and still do, with my friends close by and the lifestyle of a twenty-something that I’d always hoped for. And I remember thinking, and saying out loud, “I want time to stop so I can enjoy this for as long as possible”.

    / December 9, 2016