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  • the happy list, revisited

    Today, I’m determined to be positive! Although it’s hard to put all the saddening and frightening chaos out of our minds, I think I need to pull my blog out into the light again, dust it off a little, and ease myself in with the easier, fluffier things. I think we can all do with some distraction, and I’m welcoming it with open arms – I want to switch off from some personal things that are on my mind, too, so it’s a good a time as any.

    So, stuff that has been making me happy lately!

    / February 8, 2017
  • this month :: july & august 2016

    It’s a little overdue, but a catch up is a catch up! As summer draws to a close, I’m walking around with a goofy smile on my face like a very anti-Londoner, because it’s been a wonderful one and it’s full steam ahead come September.

    Needless to say, the highlight of July was our trip to the Amalfi Coast – I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts so far! I think about it daily, and those sweeping views of blue on blue are etched in my memory so vividly. Definitely one to put on your bucket list if you haven’t already.

    Mid-August, there was a short trip to the South of France – a few sun-drenched days spent by the pool and a fun road trip with Honey and Thach, which was sandwiched by the two main events: the Olympics and moving. 

    / August 26, 2016
  • this month :: june 2016

    After missing last month’s instalment of the Happy List series, I felt like it was time to switch it up a bit. I’m no longer sticking to the actual “list” layout, but the general idea isn’t all that different – I just wanted to have a freer way to take stock of the months that go by. Let’s see if this works?

    For me, June was a great month for me work-wise and it went by in the blink of an eye. Although I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been on the work front since around Easter, the last few weeks have been even better. Alongside a few personal events that went well, I’ve enjoyed (nearly) every minute of my job(s) in general and I’ve felt so fortunate to love what I do, and to also learn so much from it on a daily basis. My workload eases during the summertime, and although having some more time to myself is a definite bonus, I’m actually a little sad about it!

    / July 10, 2016
  • the happy list :: april 2016

    Read: The Innocents by Francesca Segal. Not a bad read – actually, I quite enjoyed it, though I’m now sinking my teeth into something meatier.

    Watched: Lots of movies on the long haul flights to and from Vietnam! Room, The Suffragettes, Creed, Far from the Madding Crowd, just to name a few. The Suffragettes was my favourite (Carey Mulligan’s number one fan forever).

    Ate: The summer rolls on Phu Quoc Island. The setting didn’t hurt either. Take me back!

    Discovered: This isn’t actually a discovery from the past month – probably a few months ago – but I found a local salon that does good eyebrow threading for £4 a pop, and I’ve been back every few weeks since. I never understood the fuss until now, and I’m completely converted.

    / May 6, 2016
  • the happy list :: march 2016

    Read: I actually didn’t finish a book this month… a bit of a fail. However, by the time this post goes up, I’m pretty sure I will have from the long travels I will have just done! Hopefully I’ll have a couple to review for next month.

    Watched: The Night Manager. An excellent mini series that everyone has been talking about – some of the episodes have already disappeared from iPlayer, but I think they’re out on DVD. Loved it.

    Ate: I’ve been eating far more than my blog would suggest this past month, and some of the best are yet to be featured, but this decadent French meal was one of the highlights.

    / April 4, 2016
  • the happy list :: february 2016

    Read: Red Leaves by Paullina Simons. I found this book in a charity shop and was intrigued, as it was one of the only books (possibly the only) by her that I hadn’t read. (Anyone else a fan of the Bronze Horseman trilogy?) It was pretty good, intriguing and I do enjoy her writing style.

    Watched: Spotlight & The Big Short. I thought both were great – obviously very different, but they tackled two stories that can’t be easy to tell in effective and striking ways.

    Ate: Barrafina Drury Lane. One of the best Tapas experiences in London!

    / March 1, 2016
  • the happy list :: january 2016

    Read: The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. I really enjoyed this – the writing is nothing to shout about, but definitely good and lovely to read, and it was the perfect thing to make the time whizz by on my flight back from Japan. 

    Watched: Long haul flights in January = lots of Oscar contenders on the movies list! I thoroughly enjoyed The Martian, and thought the Bridge of Spies was beautifully done. 

    Ate: Absolutely everything in Japan, of course! Could my grandma’s omelette be the winner? Quite possibly. 

    / February 4, 2016
  • the happy list :: october 2015

    Read: The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. Entertaining enough, nothing special. I swear this year is the year of mediocre reading for me… any suggestions?!

    Watched: E persuaded me to give Narcos a go, and I’ve watched a few episodes and of course have been converted! Very intense, very good. I’m also obviously excited about the return of Homeland, and a few other favourites of mine (Scandal, The Good Wife).

    / November 5, 2015