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  • a japanese new year

    After a little delay, I’m back on the blogging bandwagon and ready to roll out some overdue posts (I think I still have some NYC ones to do… oops), as well as documenting my trip over the New Year to Japan before it becomes too redundant!

    It was my first visit back in three years, so it felt a little strange at first when I landed in Tokyo on the 30th (the sunset below was a lovely welcome), but then the two weeks that followed went by in a flash and I had a great time. 

    First things first – the day after I arrived, we took the bullet train to Osaka, to spend the New Year with our grandma. I’m not sure what was the highlight of the train ride, between the delicious “eki-ben” (endless bento options!) or the view of Mount Fuji we caught through the window.

    / January 18, 2016