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  • cape town :: lion’s head hike & manna epicure

    As we left the safari experience of a lifetime behind us, I could only hope that a few days in Cape Town could mend my broken heart, already missing the people and animals we fell in love with. Thankfully, we’d heard wonderful things about Cape Town, and it lived up to our expectations and more – from the beautiful beaches and mountains, the wildlife and nature, to the incredible restaurant scene and warm-hearted locals, it’s a place I’d return to over and over.

    Although it wasn’t the first thing we did in CT, I wanted to start off with a bang and introduce you to the city with these stunning views. First impressions count for something!

    / May 8, 2017
  • amalfi coast :: path of the gods

    Even before arriving, one of the things that we knew we absolutely wanted to do was the famous hike on the Path of the Gods. We had a chat with the local tourism guide in Praiano (a very helpful and assertive lady!), and she informed us that the leg the hike that starts in Praiano and ends in Positano is the most scenic, and that where we were staying was actually the perfect location to join the trail. She strongly warned us that we should start early in the morning to avoid having the sun beating down on our backs, so we set our alarms for 6:30am and were out by 7am. So far, so good!

    / August 5, 2016