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I’m a twenty-something Londoner, and having been a dedicated diarist since I was a teenager, it seemed only natural that I started a blog. WTW is a scrapbook of sorts, documenting my biggest joys in life (food, travel, little musings) – there are no set rules around here, except that it is a positive space and I write about things that I want to remember.

A very brief background check on me: I’m Japanese but have lived most of my life in London, UK. I live with my husband of two years who is French, loves to cook and always has a bad pun up his sleeve. Although I have a job that is completely unrelated to this blog, I don’t write about it for privacy reasons (but I will happily talk about it to you in person!). 

You’ll notice that things are pretty food-heavy here, but really, what is better than spending time with friends and family with a delicious meal? I know that the Brits believe anything can be fixed with a cup of tea, but my ethos is that anything can be made better with a hearty dinner with your favourite people. 

If you’re itching for a little more info, you can have a read through some of my more personal posts – and you can always shoot me an email or find me on various social media platforms through my contact page.

I hope you’ll stick around for a while, and please don’t hesitate to say hello!

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