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  • the AW16 checklist

    Hello November! I may be biased as a November baby and a Christmas/NY enthusiast, but these couple of months are possibly my favourites of the entire year. Although I have a busy month ahead, I’ve selfishly planned to see almost all of my favourite people over my birthday weekend and should have a lighter load during December with fun things to look forward to, so I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in.

    Here are, quite simply, the things I want to tick off in the coming months – all rather frivolous but happiness-inducing nonetheless!

    / November 1, 2016
  • magazines to cosy up with

    I’m going to dive right into the Autumn and Winter time, my favourite of the year, with my renewed love for magazines. Gone are the days of having buyers remorse after getting sucked into another copy of Cosmopolitan for a long haul flight (nothing against Cosmo readers, just not my thing!), and definitely gone are the days of Mizz (do any fellow 90s teens remember that magazine??). The industry as a whole has had something of a renaissance – not exactly news, I’m very late to the party – but there really is no better time to get stuck in like these shorter days and cosier nights.

    / October 13, 2016
  • how we live now

    I always maintained that this blog was a place of positivity, and somewhere I share the lighter side of life – what I eat, where I ago, what I read and watch. And while I still love writing about all of those things (in fact, there’ll be a list of “to-dos this season” post soon that will probably be entirely frivolous), I can’t help but feel like part of the reason for my on and off absence lately is due to my mind being on other things. I would sit down to write up about a restaurant or other random musings, and my head would be filled with things too far removed and the motivation would dissipate. 

    I’d never considered myself to be a particularly political person, probably because I‘ve never voted and can’t yet see a future in which I will have a voice in the country I call home. Especially now, in this political climate and the bitter aftermath of Brexit, E and I feel more and more uncertain about what our lives would look like if we stay in the UK – one day, we hope to have children who will be half Japanese and half French, and it’s hard to say whether a country that is seemingly succumbing to an intolerant, xenophobic society would still have more advantages than disadvantages.

    / October 11, 2016
  • amalfi coast :: ravello

    As I was editing and uploading the photos for this post, I found myself thinking, “I can’t believe I was there”. I am still pinching myself that I visited somewhere so indescribably beautiful.

    We’re talking about Ravello, possibly the most beautiful, serene and quietly glamorous town that we visited on the coast (well, it’s high above in the mountains, so not directly on the coast). It easily earns its place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, and it’s no wonder that it was once a hub for some of the most inspirational artists and writers, including Richard Wagner, Virginia Woolf, AndrĂ© Gide, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams and Leonard Bernstein, among many more. I’m quite certain that a few days spent there would make a poet out of anyone.

    / September 20, 2016
  • sunday coffee date :: seven.

    It’s been a while since we sat down and had a chat! We’re fully into Autumn now (I think… you never know with London) and I hope that there’ll be more of these, as the nights get cosier and I dust off my teapots (coffee is the only hot drink I have between May and September!).

    As you probably know, the majority of my work centres around the academic year and things are in full swing. Although the summer months of slower mornings and fewer commitments were much needed and much enjoyed, I love the work I do and I was ready to get back on the saddle – but the return of the daily grind (and then some, as my workload has increased significantly) was a shock to the system and I was wiped by end of week two! But I feel ridiculously lucky to feel so positive about it all, and I feel pretty great about the year ahead. 

    / September 18, 2016
  • on embankment bridge

    A couple of weeks ago, I turned up towards the end of E’s photoshoot for work, to give them a hand with guarding their stuff while they shot around the Southbank area. E had told me that the photographer was not only fantastic, but also very lovely and friendly, so I thought that there might be a chance that if we asked nicely, he would take a couple of shots of us together after they’d wrapped up. Of course, he was extremely generous and took a few snaps after a long day with E, and I was in awe of the beautiful images he captured in the blink of an eye! No preparation, just casual shots (that are also completely unedited, because they are perfect as they are in my opinion!), taken just after the sun had set.

    / September 5, 2016
  • this month :: july & august 2016

    It’s a little overdue, but a catch up is a catch up! As summer draws to a close, I’m walking around with a goofy smile on my face like a very anti-Londoner, because it’s been a wonderful one and it’s full steam ahead come September.

    Needless to say, the highlight of July was our trip to the Amalfi Coast – I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts so far! I think about it daily, and those sweeping views of blue on blue are etched in my memory so vividly. Definitely one to put on your bucket list if you haven’t already.

    Mid-August, there was a short trip to the South of France – a few sun-drenched days spent by the pool and a fun road trip with Honey and Thach, which was sandwiched by the two main events: the Olympics and moving. 

    / August 26, 2016
  • amalfi coast :: boat tour to capri

    As usual, I’m full of excuses for my recent absence, but I’ll get into a monthly wrap-up later on. For now, I’m back with more Italian beauty – get comfortable, because there are a lot of photos, but I hope you’ll understand why it was so difficult to narrow them down! Feast your eyes on the wonder that is the Amalfi Coast by boat, and the glorious isle of Capri. 

    A few days before we left London, we booked a tour on Positano Boats, having read good reviews online. A day trip is a little more expensive than going on a larger ferry, but I think it’s worth it to be on a more intimate boat and have unobstructed views of the stunning surroundings.

    / August 23, 2016
  • amalfi coast :: path of the gods

    Even before arriving, one of the things that we knew we absolutely wanted to do was the famous hike on the Path of the Gods. We had a chat with the local tourism guide in Praiano (a very helpful and assertive lady!), and she informed us that the leg the hike that starts in Praiano and ends in Positano is the most scenic, and that where we were staying was actually the perfect location to join the trail. She strongly warned us that we should start early in the morning to avoid having the sun beating down on our backs, so we set our alarms for 6:30am and were out by 7am. So far, so good!

    / August 5, 2016
  • amalfi coast :: vettica maggiore, praiano

    I’m still pinching myself after our stunning trip to the Amalfi Coast! It is one of the most picture perfect places I’ve ever visited, and we just had such a wonderful time there. 

    Two years ago, E and I struggled to decide between going to Lake Como or the Amalfi Coast, and although we ended up choosing Como (which was incredible, I’ve blogged all about it!), we couldn’t get our minds off of the latter. So this summer was our time to tick it off, and we are so, so happy to have made it!

    To kick things off, I’ll start with the area in which we stayed for the week, which was Vettica Maggiore in Praiano. We hit the jackpot with our Airbnb apartment, which was beautiful, spacious, perfectly located and with a gorgeous view from the balcony. Having visited a few of the popular towns on the coast, we were so glad that we’d chosen Praiano as our base. It’s much less busy than Positano, has some fantastic restaurants, two beaches, and a sense of calm and quiet. 

    / August 1, 2016