confessions of a blogger on hiatus

I can barely breathe through all the dust and cobwebs that have collected around these parts… but hello! I’m still alive and kicking!

Where to start? The last time I wrote was almost 3 months ago, and while that isn’t an eternity by any means, it feels like a lot longer. Probably because I had no game plan, no determined timeline of when I would post again, and no way of knowing if I would want to.

Here’s my dilemma and the cause of my writing block (or my best guess, at least) – the kind of content I feel compelled to write about feels too personal, and the kind of content I used to write is not personal enough. I wouldn’t mind writing a restaurant review every so often, or about fun discoveries in London, but that’s no longer where my passion lies. Travel is one I still would love to write about (and I have gone on a few short but wonderful trips this Summer), but that would be sporadic posting at best, as I’m still working on acquiring a private jet and the globe-trotting lifestyle to go with it.

And the things I really would want to write about – they all feel a little bit invasive, a little too scary. Also, would it be slightly narcissistic and spoken atop a soap box I have no right to stand on? Would I cringe at my inexperienced opinions at a later stage, and curse my past self for baring all on the Big Bad Internet?

I’m turning 30 in a few months, and I’m not nervous about getting older or starting a new decade and don’t necessarily believe things will feel “different”. But, there is a certain sense of shifting under my feet, a little restlessness – not unpleasant, and not an urge to escape, something more gentle and emboldening, perhaps – which feels like a wave I’d like to catch and ride. And in so many ways, I want to hold on to this blog to keep the snapshots from fading, but I just can’t tell if I’m overstaying my welcome.

This may propel me to kick things back into gear again, and it may not at all. But in the meantime, let’s keep in touch on Instagram – I share pretty (to me!) photos, and share bits of my life on Instastories. 

If you’re a blogger, did you decide to change direction? Did it breathe in new life to your blog? Or was it more a stale baguette you tried to rescue by recycling it for french toast, and the end result was more of a scramble?

The good thing is, french toast is always delicious.

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