cape town :: lion’s head hike & manna epicure

As we left the safari experience of a lifetime behind us, I could only hope that a few days in Cape Town could mend my broken heart, already missing the people and animals we fell in love with. Thankfully, we’d heard wonderful things about Cape Town, and it lived up to our expectations and more – from the beautiful beaches and mountains, the wildlife and nature, to the incredible restaurant scene and warm-hearted locals, it’s a place I’d return to over and over.

Although it wasn’t the first thing we did in CT, I wanted to start off with a bang and introduce you to the city with these stunning views. First impressions count for something!

These were taken on our Lion’s Head hike, which I would recommend to anyone. It’s not too hardcore (about an hour or so each way) – although we didn’t go right up to the very top, since it really didn’t seem very safe! – and you are rewarded with sights that will make your jaw drop in awe.

We drove (oh, we rented a car on holiday for the first time ever! we both drove and we both survived!) to the start of the trail, which is relatively high up to begin with, so if you’re not up for the hike, it’s still a great spot to enjoy an amazing, panoramic view.

To see the dramatic mountains, the cityscape and the coastline all in one breath, is something quite magical. We took the recommended path (there’s a more challenging one with chains and rope ladders – no thank you), and to begin with, we were all “Wow, this is so flat and comfortable! This is a piece of cake!” but of course, we spoke too soon. It becomes rocky about halfway up, but it never felt too dangerous – and it’s so nice when the people coming down cheer you on!

I’ve been lucky enough to witness some incredible high altitude views on my travels, and right now, my ranking goes like this: Number 1 – Amalfi Coast, Path of the Gods hike, Number 2 – Cape Town, Lion’s Head hike. How anywhere else could beat them, I don’t know.

Post-hike and hungry, what were we to do? We definitely fancied some kind of brunch on this sunny Sunday, and thanks to Kam‘s suggestion, we decided on Manna Epicure. We loved this place – the white washed decor was so up my street, and the food absolutely hit the spot. The coconut bread was special, and worked surprisingly well with the savoury salmon and eggs, and our “dessert” – the epic, freshly made waffle with bacon, banana and maple syrup – was sinful and spectacular.

We still had an afternoon of adventures ahead of us, which I’ll let you in on next time! 

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