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I’m back with a bang! I have a slew of travel posts coming your way, but we’ll kick things off with something to make you very hungry on a Monday morning. 

Marcus Wareing is a chef I’ve admired from afar for a while, but have curiously never made it to any of his restaurants before. So when I was lucky enough to pick one of the amazing Feast on London deals from Bookatable to try out, Marcus at The Berkeley seemed like the perfect option.

My lovely date C and I settled into a comfy sofa table after a long day of work, and readied ourselves for the feast with their “London cocktail” – essentially a bellini with a twist. A lovely way to start, fresh and not too sweet.

We were given some delicious bites to open up our appetite – I’m failing to remember exactly what these were, but one was buttaga and the other was cornbread (with fancy things on top!). I couldn’t fault either of these, and they were bursting with flavour.

For starters, C chose the Winchester cheese with onion, truffle cream and wild garlic, and I went for the pork belly with carrot, mustard and rose. My dish was possibly my favourite of the meal – the whole plate looked beautiful and worked so well together, and was rich without being heavy. C enjoyed hers as well – they shave the cheese right onto the plate, which is a nice touch.

We both chose the lamb neck and breast for main, which was a seriously generous portion! I enjoyed the breast in particular, and both pieces of meat were perfectly cooked and seasoned. The neck was incredibly rich, which I’m sure would be fine for others, but I felt myself wanting something a little more fresh on the plate to balance things out – I couldn’t tell you what, though!

Definitely a heavenly dish for lamb lovers.

I was so pleased to see rhubarb cake as one of the dessert options, as C in particular is a fan of them, and I love them as well! Usually, I find that the dessert in these deal menus in high end restaurants are a bit of a let down, but I was pleasantly surprised by this – I rarely finish a whole dessert as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I found myself going back for just one more bite! 

Of course, we were also given some beautiful petit fours afterwards, just when we were telling each other how stuffed we were! I managed to try one of the chocolate orange macarons, but sadly left the cinnamon financier. I’m slightly regretting not getting a doggy bag for it…

We both thoroughly enjoyed the food, and the restaurant itself is beautiful and not too stuffy or pretentious. I think there is definitely some room for improvement in the service – considering it is a 2 Michelin starred establishment, it wasn’t quite up to par compared to other places of the same calibre that I’ve visited (they were perfectly friendly, it was just a bit slow and slightly inattentive). I would be curious to see if it would be any different if you were there for the whole hog (i.e. their tasting menu), but service shouldn’t alter according to your menu choices, so I would hope not!

I have to say, the Feast of London list has some incredible deals on at the moment – it’s running until 30th April, so I would scope one to try asap and take advantage of it while it lasts!

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disclaimer: this meal was courtesy of Bookatable. all opinions are my own.

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