the happy list, revisited

Today, I’m determined to be positive! Although it’s hard to put all the saddening and frightening chaos out of our minds, I think I need to pull my blog out into the light again, dust it off a little, and ease myself in with the easier, fluffier things. I think we can all do with some distraction, and I’m welcoming it with open arms – I want to switch off from some personal things that are on my mind, too, so it’s a good a time as any.

So, stuff that has been making me happy lately!

WANDERLUST :: is there anything that makes us escape like dreaming of past and future travels? As well as flicking through photos from past trips (particularly the Amalfi Coast and the Maldives as I pine for sun and warmth), I’m looking forward to the next ones on the horizon. Do you have any exciting plans for the year? We’re off to Rome for a few days next week, and South Africa in less than 2 months which is so, so exciting. I’ve been trying not to look at too many of the incredible safari photos our hotel regularly posts, to try and save it for the real thing! My close girlfriends and I are also getting together this week to plan our first holiday together, which will be so special. Any warm and beach-y destination suggestions welcome!

THE AMERICANS :: I had been recommended this series on Amazon Prime by a few people, and E and I finally started and are now hooked. If you’re looking for a gripping show to sink your teeth into, this is the one.

FITNESS :: I bid goodbye to the gym at the end of last year, having made good use of it until around October, at which point I had fallen out of love and needed a revamp. I tried Bikram Yoga during the Christmas holidays, and while I was glad I tried it, it wasn’t for me. 1.5 hours regularly for a class is really just too long a chunk out of my day, and completely impossible with my usual work schedule, so I was quite glad I didn’t love it! However, last month I discovered a fairly new fitness studio just 3mins away from where I live, and I just can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner. Tribeca Studios is a 3 studio complex with a huge range of different classes – barre, boxing, bodypump, spin, yoga, circuits, Zumba… you name it, they have it – and is very high tech and stylish to boot. With wireless wristbands for lockers and signing in, an easy online system for booking classes, and the reasonable pricing (compared to most other similar London studios), I can’t fault it. My current favourite classes are Ride Rhythm (the only spin class I’ve ever enjoyed, while simultaneously dying) and Body Pump.

LAZY COOKING :: if you don’t have a slow cooker and have been thinking about getting one, I can’t recommend it enough. We’ve been using it to death lately, and it’s the best feeling to walk into your home after a long day and be able to eat in 5 minutes. Recently, we’ve loved a simple chicken, cabbage and tomato stew, slow cooked riblets, and lean meatballs.

SASSY TWEETS :: Ana Navarro is a Latina, Republican political commentator, who I’ve been following since before the election, and her sass knows no bounds. A hardcore Trump critic from the very beginning, she’s the perfect example to show that this is not a bipartisan issue, and that not all Republicans or Democrats are created equal.

SOMETHING NEW :: After months of deliberating and putting it off in the fear of it being a passing phase, I’ve started learning the ukulele. E kindly gifted me one recently, and as a “break” from my professional, necessary practising on the piano, I’m trying to learn the art of strumming and navigating my way through these foreign frets. It feels really quite refreshing to learn a completely different skill, and I’m trying to master my first ever piece (don’t worry, I won’t put it on YouTube).

HAMILTON :: the American musical phenomenon is coming to the UK, and although my virtual queuing on the day the tickets were released failed (as did E’s), my sister managed to get through and book us tickets for next May! I mean, it’s ridiculously far away and it’s probably the most in advance I’ve ever booked anything, but it doesn’t dull my excitement!

PINK LIPS :: and to end on a truly frivolous note, after years of hunting and getting pretty close but not quite, I’ve finally found that elusive “my lips but better” colour, courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury. I already love their Matte Revolution lipstick line and could live on those alone, and their new Pillowtalk lipstick is perfect.

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