Silence is not good enough

I don’t even know where to begin with the frankly disgusting news from across the pond. It already has and will have a domino effect around the world, and I find it incredibly hard to see any light at the end of this grim and shameful tunnel – one that I feel we’ve been in since last summer.

It’s always made me uncomfortable that during times of crisis (and yes, this is a crisis of epic proportions), all we seem to be able to do for the most part is to give money. Donate here, donate there – it can feel like you’re putting a superficial bandaid on something and you’re walking away feeling self-righteous about your little deed. But donating to ACLU is probably one of the best things you can do, especially if you feel as helpless as I do and want to at least do something. Because this really is not about being American or not being American. Human decency is being crushed by one power-abusing, bigot at a time, and if we can’t stand up to them, who are we?

If you’re a blogger or have any kind of platform that attracts anywhere from one to millions of readers/viewers/followers, and you’re too worried about staying “on brand” and don’t want to step out of your regularly scheduled programming to speak out, please, please reconsider. You never know who you might be reaching out to, and I’m not only taking about encouraging others to donate or protest – it may be that someone of a minority race/religion, sexuality, or of an opposing political view to their families and friends, will read what you write or hear what you say, and feel less alone or threatened.

I feel genuinely afraid, so I want to read and listen, too.

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