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^ taken on the plane from London to Marseille. spectacular sunrise!

Hello! Happy New Year!

I’m sensing a lot of positivity about 2017 around me. It probably has something to do with 2016 being a sad and confusing year for many, but I’ll take it. Although last year had me despondent and disappointed on more than one occasion with the goings on in the world, for me personally, it was a wonderful one in many ways. I felt especially fulfilled and excited about my work, my sister moved back to London, I was a bridesmaid for the second time and we saw two of our best friends get married, E and I felt our marriage go from strength to strength, we had incredible trips to Vietnam and the Amalfi Coast, and all our close family and friends have been healthy and happy. 

My one resolution for this year is this word: Learn. Acquire knowledge, read non-fiction, learn a new skill – anything that feeds my brain! I want to improve my French, I want to try out new hobbies or classes, I want to watch random documentaries and stuff my head with information – however inconsequential. I’ve always been a curious person and always enjoyed learning new things, and I want to get that drive back.

I have a husband who is constantly feeding his brain. He many not be an expert in any particular area (aside from his work, of course – and maybe cooking…), but he seems to know something about almost everything. He loves to read non-fiction, and is also one of those annoying people who retains information easily (although not if it’s about something he’s lost around the flat – that man can never find anything). I’m always asking him how he knows some obscure fact, and his answer is usually, “Oh, I think I watched a documentary on [weird topic] a while ago”. The day after he had his 4 (!!) wisdom teeth taken out, he was lying in bed in substantial pain, watching something on Youtube. I asked him what it was, and he said, “It’s a video about Anaesthesia and dental surgery in general – it’s really interesting, actually”. I mean.. I would not even think to look for such a video, let alone right after I’ve had four of my teeth removed, but that’s what he’s like. And I want that to rub off on me a little bit.

Of course, I also want to get back into the rhythm of blogging. My content may not be the same as it used to be, but I suppose that’s the beauty of blogging – it grows and changes with you. 

I really do hope that it’s a great year for you – thank you always for reading, and let’s make it a good one!

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