the AW16 checklist

^ this time last year in Central Park, NYC. I want to relive that trip all over again.

Hello November! I may be biased as a November baby and a Christmas/NY enthusiast, but these couple of months are possibly my favourites of the entire year. Although I have a busy month ahead, I’ve selfishly planned to see almost all of my favourite people over my birthday weekend and should have a lighter load during December with fun things to look forward to, so I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in.

Here are, quite simply, the things I want to tick off in the coming months – all rather frivolous but happiness-inducing nonetheless!

:: Discover new podcasts. I’m a podcast addict, especially the ones covering and discussing the US presidential election, so when that’s over I need to fill that void! I have a few I already love, but I’m definitely interested in new discoveries. I recently listened to a new one by NPR called How I Built This, where they interview entrepreneurs about their success stories, and the latest one about the guy who co-founded Airbnb is fascinating! I highly recommend.

:: Schedule in quality time with E. Despite the fact that we spend more time at home than the average 9-5 couple, we actually don’t see that much of each other these days. Either we have conflicting diaries or when we’re at home together, one or both of us are working, and it’s never really proper time in each other’s company, you know? We’ve had two “day time dates” in the last couple of months, both of which were far too brief, so I’m hoping we get more time to just wander around town come December.

:: Watch as many films at the cinema as possible. It’s that season when all the Oscar-contenders start to come out, and I’m already so excited about a few of them! Top of my list are Jackie, Sully and Fences.

:: Switching to the small screen, I cannot contain my excitement for the return of Gilmore Girls!! How am I going to restrain myself from binge watching it all in one day?!

:: Go ice skating! E, my sister, her boyfriend and I have booked tickets for the weekend before Christmas at Somerset House and I’m so looking forward to it. Last year, we witnessed a proposal in the middle of the ice rink!

:: Eat/drink my weight in cheese and bread and cheese and wine in France over Christmas. No further explanation needed.

:: Replace my trusty grey coat. I’ve had it for a few years and the right side where I lug around my huge Longchamp has worn so thin, it’s definitely run its course. 

:: Read the illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. My friend gave it to me for my birthday last year, and although I’ve flicked through it several times to simply admire the beauty of it, I haven’t actually read it yet. I’m slightly afraid that it will make me want to reread the whole series, but that can’t be a bad thing, right? Especially as the second illustrated book is out, so I need to get on it before I add to the collection.

:: Go to the theatre. One of my students is in the main cast of the new School of Rock musical, which is so, so exciting and I can’t wait to see him in action! I also have tickets to see Kiki’s Delivery Service at Southwark Playhouse which I’m hoping will be one of my favourite movies brought to life. Any other suggestions welcome!

:: Visit the legendary Dominique Ansel Bakery. I’ll make a beeline for it once my schedule opens up mid-December and finally try that famous cronut and frozen s’mores. Have you been and what’s your verdict?

As I’m writing this, I’ve realised that I could go on and on… so I’ll be sensible and leave it there for the moment. Let me know what you’e most looking forward to this season, and please share your off-the-beaten-path recommendations!

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