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I’m going to dive right into the Autumn and Winter time, my favourite of the year, with my renewed love for magazines. Gone are the days of having buyers remorse after getting sucked into another copy of Cosmopolitan for a long haul flight (nothing against Cosmo readers, just not my thing!), and definitely gone are the days of Mizz (do any fellow 90s teens remember that magazine??). The industry as a whole has had something of a renaissance – not exactly news, I’m very late to the party – but there really is no better time to get stuck in like these shorter days and cosier nights.

One of the goals I had in mind for my “mindful living” resolution was to support print journalism in one way or another. I’m not a newspaper reader (the BBC app is far too convenient), and I didn’t want to subscribe to anything for the sake of it – I wanted to be honest about what I’d actually enjoy and look forward to reading. 

So, I put out a few feelers to explore some independent magazines and features that instinctively appealed to me, and now I’m a little afraid that I’ve signed up for a new addiction!

First of the bunch that I discovered (and one of the two that I’ve now subscribed to), is the Delayed Gratification magazine. It’s maybe my favourite of them all. Calling themselves the “slow journalism” magazine, they pride themselves in being the last to come out with the news, in a world of instantaneous everything:

“The speed of the modern news agenda can leave you feeling constantly on the back foot.
We go the other way and wait for three months to pass before returning to the news, picking out what really mattered and returning to events with the benefit of hindsight so we can give you the final analysis rather than the first, kneejerk reaction.”

The paper is thick and high quality, the contents are fascinating and diverse, and their concept celebrates an idea contrary to the tweet-now-talk-later culture. 

For the foodies! Lucky Peach from David Chang (of Netflix’s “Mind of a Chef” fame) is an original take on a food magazine, and it’s as fun as it is informative. I’m a little biased as I love him on Mind of a Chef and we had an amazing meal at his Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC, but I do think it’s a worthy read if you’re at all interested in food and the restaurant industry.

Suitcase can often be spotted on various magazine stands around the city, but it was my first time picking up a copy. It definitely wins for boasting the most aesthetically-pleasing cover (not just for this issue – they’ve caught my eye several times in the past), and is gorgeous to flick through in general. I’m not that bothered by the fashion side of things, but their travel features are intriguing, and the photography is inspiring. 

Other mentions include National Geographic Traveller (the other one I subscribed to), Afar, and  (this one above is a one-off feature issue). Yes, I do have a thing for travel magazines – if they’re done well, they can almost make you feel like you’re going along for the ride (when you’re not dying from wanderlust). And they’re just the perfect thing to pick up from your coffee table to have a quick browse. I also have really enjoyed Oh Comely in the past, but don’t have a copy on hand right now.

Speaking of coffee tables, I am in love with our new one! It’s minimal, transparent (perfect for smaller spaces), and an ideal size for two. 

If you have any magazine recommendations, do send them my way! I also think subscriptions make great gifts, if you’re the kind of person who’s already thinking of Christmas presents…. 

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