sunday coffee date :: seven.

It’s been a while since we sat down and had a chat! We’re fully into Autumn now (I think… you never know with London) and I hope that there’ll be more of these, as the nights get cosier and I dust off my teapots (coffee is the only hot drink I have between May and September!).

As you probably know, the majority of my work centres around the academic year and things are in full swing. Although the summer months of slower mornings and fewer commitments were much needed and much enjoyed, I love the work I do and I was ready to get back on the saddle – but the return of the daily grind (and then some, as my workload has increased significantly) was a shock to the system and I was wiped by end of week two! But I feel ridiculously lucky to feel so positive about it all, and I feel pretty great about the year ahead. I wish I could talk about my work more on the blog, as I probably tire E out with my constant recaps and stories, but I still choose to keep that part of my life quite private so he’ll have to put up with it for now!

I’ve been thinking about the frequency of my blog posts recently, as I know it’s been rather abysmal. Gone are the days of religiously blogging every other day, and I set out every week with great intentions, but I can’t quite seem to make it happen. The “free” portion of my evenings tend to start too late, and then I’m too tired to write a post (I mean, I could still whack one out I’m sure, but I think I’d start resenting it), and the one free afternoon I have during the week (Saturdays!), I use to catch up on other work or to spend time with E and with friends. Is there any way we can add one more day to the week?!

Having said that, I know that I could at least create a realistic schedule for myself and stick to it – I just need to figure out what “realistic” is. I’m thinking of aiming for 2 posts a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays… it seems so doable! I know I can do it! I just need to put my game face on and take inspiration from all the girl bosses out there.

On the new home front, things are slowly but surely coming together, and we’re very nearly done… which I think I said about two weeks ago. But really, we are so close and I’m excited to get everything finished. In our previous flat, there were lots of things we kind of made do with, due to budget and laziness, but now that we are three years on and have more means to invest in things that we want to keep for future homes (and the best handyman ever that does all the DIY things neither of us have the talent for), I feel like it’s going to be much more “us”. It’s daunting to spend money on furniture and decor when you’re still renting (trust me, we’re still very good friends with Ikea), but I know we’ve bought cheaper items that we’ve ended up discarding, so it just makes more sense to think long term and truly care for and take pride in the things that make the flat our home. I’m sure that once it’s all done, I’ll share some photos with you!

Do you have any exciting plans for this new season? I’m an Autumn baby and it’s my favourite. You’ll find me burning candles left right and centre, digging out my comfy knits and planning a list of things to bake that will probably never get baked. Call me a cliché, I don’t mind.

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