this month :: july & august 2016

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It’s a little overdue, but a catch up is a catch up! As summer draws to a close, I’m walking around with a goofy smile on my face like a very anti-Londoner, because it’s been a wonderful one and it’s full steam ahead come September.

Needless to say, the highlight of July was our trip to the Amalfi Coast – I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts so far! I think about it daily, and those sweeping views of blue on blue are etched in my memory so vividly. Definitely one to put on your bucket list if you haven’t already.

Mid-August, there was a short trip to the South of France – a few sun-drenched days spent by the pool and a fun road trip with Honey and Thach, which was sandwiched by the two main events: the Olympics and moving. I love watching the Olympics, especially the Artistic Gymnastics, so I was overjoyed when our national treasure Kohei Uchimura won double gold for team and individual all around! Japan generally tend to do well overall so it’s always exciting to cheer them on, but I do have a soft spot for team GB and they have done phenomenally well, and it’s incredible to witness. The next one is in Tokyo!! It’s hard to say where I’ll be at that stage, but it would be a dream come true if I managed to go there for some of it…

And then the moving. Although we were initially a little panicked when we found out we had to move, we are so glad we did. We enjoyed our previous flat and it was our first real home together, but we were mostly worried about finding somewhere in the same area (because we love it here and really didn’t want to leave) and within our budget. It was just sheer luck that we managed to find a place just a few doors down from where we used to be, after only a few days of flat hunting (last time, it took 3 solid weeks of viewings almost everyday!) – and we are so happy here! We’re still waiting for a few bits of furniture, so I’m currently typing this standing up by the kitchen counter, but this kitchen fills me with joy because our previous one was an actual shoebox. This one fits multiple people at once, has a dishwasher and gets plenty of light, which I’m so excited about! Here’s hoping I cook more, I really have no excuse now.

This wonderful summer will end with a bang next week, as one of my best friends gets married and I’ll be a bridesmaid for the second time! We love C&J to bits and I’m sure it will be a day to remember. Please cross everything for lovely weather next Thursday!

Links & Likes:
>> Instagram Stories. I know we were all iffy about it to begin with, but I have to admit, I think it’s fun. I attempted Snapchat and gave up, so this is the perfect alternative for someone who can’t deal with yet another app but likes the concept. Disclaimer: if you follow me on Instagram, I’m aware that my stories are mundane and pretty silly, but they’re supposed to be, aren’t they? (..aren’t they…?)
>> Keepin’ It 1600, a podcast hosted by two former advisors of President Obama, chatting all things Trump and Hillary and everything in between. Such a great podcast, funny and informative. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with my life when this is over.
>> All of Tamsin‘s Italy posts! She visited a different part of the country around the same time as we did, and it’s fascinating. Also, you can learn an Italian word or two from her. Win win.
>> BBC’s 3 part documentary, Exodus: Our Journey to Europe. Filmed by refugees making their way to various European destinations, it’s not an easy watch but managed to be ultimately uplifting. Definitely worth a watch.
>> I’m absolutely obsessed with all things Rifle Paper Co., and adore pretty much everything they do. I’ve ordered some additions to our collection through Northlight Homestore, which is one of their UK stockists, and I can’t wait to hang them! I might do a little post on the prints we adore that we’ve picked up from our travels and other bits and pieces. Clearly, moving flat is making me into a homeware junkie all over again.
>> Best Rio Olympics memes. Happy Friday!

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