camargue :: pink flamingo heaven

I apologise in advance if this post takes an age to load, as it’s ridiculously photo heavy – but I’m pretty confident that you’ll think it’s worth it. 

Camargue is a unique and fascinating region mostly made up of marshlands and lakes, and famous for their pink flamingos, horses and bulls, and red rice. Since it’s only an hour’s drive away from Aix-en-Provence, we took a day trip to Camargue and Arles with my father-in-law. Both him and E had been there multiple times before, but it was my first visit and I’m so glad we went – it was entirely different to anywhere else I’ve been in France or elsewhere, and we had a gorgeous day exploring this area in the South of France.

After doing some research, it seemed like the Parc Ornithologique Pont de Gau (a bird sanctuary) was a safe bet to see the flamingos, and it was definitely a good call. The flamingos were everywhere! I can only describe them as parties of pink – they seemed to be eating, gossiping and relaxing in the shallow waters, and seeing them fly was quite incredible. The sanctuary itself was also not too busy, so it felt like we were the only ones there sometimes. I simply couldn’t stop taking photos!

We saw other species of birds, too, and those that live in enclosed areas are only put there for protection, as they are injured or handicapped. I don’t like visiting zoos, but this kind of place I am wholly on board with. 

If you visit Camargue (where you’ll definitely need a car or bicycle) and want to be guaranteed to see large flocks of flamingos like these, I would definitely recommend the Parc Ornithologique, although you can spot them in various different ponds in the area. Oh, and make sure your camera is fully charged, because you’ll be obsessed with snapping them every which way.

I hope these pink beauties brighten up your Tuesday! 

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