sunday coffee date :: six.

So that was an unexpected mini hiatus! I meant to get back on track in the latter part of this past week, but I had neither the time nor energy to write – hopefully I’ll be more organised in the coming weeks, as it’s always so busy leading up to the summer months.

The thing is, I’ve been throwing myself something of a pity party these last few days. I have no patience for moaners and groaners (I don’t mean people being anxious or down about actual problems, but more those who are constantly complaining about everything in their lives – even the good things!), so I do try hard to keep negative thoughts to myself (and to E, of course) and always know that there are people with far worse issues who live through them with grace and kindness. But sometimes, I think the only healthy thing to do is to unload, share, and acknowledge the misery! And in my case, ugly cry and try in vain to cover up the swollen eyes with make up the next morning. 

It’s been emotionally draining and it’s something that will continue to be, but I hope that the next time it hits, I can deal with it better. 

On the upside, I have the best friends and the best husband in the world, so I’ve been thoroughly cheered up by pizza, wine, therapeutic phone calls, a delicious and fun date, and an indulgent morning off doing nothing but shopping by myself and indulging in a pretty and unjustified purchase. I’ve also been enjoying my work which is always a good distraction, booked an overdue hair appointment, baked for the first time in a while, and I have a few days later this week in Paris and the South of France to look forward to.

See, this is why I feel bad for complaining – I know I’ve been dealt a great hand, and I don’t ever want to take that for granted. It’s just that this blip on my happy radar is a big blip, and is more painful than I could eloquently put into words.

I’m pretty sure some parts of me are made out of steel though, so I’ll be just fine. 

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