marylebone farmers’ market

There is nothing I love more than making my way through a bustling market on a sunny day – especially in London, where we don’t take the sunshine for granted! This past Sunday, E and I had just a couple of hours free together between work and more work, so we grabbed the chance to soak up the rays and hunt down something quick and delicious to eat.

After a bit of googling to search for markets in London that are open on Sundays, I found Marylebone Farmers’ Market. Being so close to Regent’s Park, it seemed like the ideal find – we’d grab a few bits to eat, and head to the park for a picnic. That didn’t quite happen, but you’ll see why!

It’s located in a car park, and while it’s not a huge market by any means, they do have some great things on offer and covers all the essentials. I heard snatches of conversation here and there between the vendors and customers, and it seemed that most people were regulars who live nearby, which is really what makes the atmosphere so friendly and relaxed there. It’s not as crazy busy as places like Borough Market (of course, it also lacks the variation due to its size), and the perfect place to stock up on some groceries or grab brunch/lunch like we did. 

As I was walking around, I considered getting a quiche, or some bread, pâté and cheese, or a savoury pastry. All very picnic friendly things! 

But then we both spotted (and smelt) amazing looking burgers – a bargain at £5 a pop, for a generous Angus beef patty, cheese, fried onion and spinach, with a brioche bun – and that was that. There was no way we could pass them up, but there was also no way they would survive the walk to the park.

So we parked ourselves on a lone bench (there’s not much seating available there, which there could probably be more of), and went to town. It was glorious. 

I was also tempted to try a cake from one of the gorgeous bakery stands, but I knew that I would be dying for an ice cream once we’d reached the park, so I saved my dessert belly for a soft serve (so worth it). We definitely intend on visiting this market again, though – it’s an easy walk from Bond St, and you get to escape the shopping crowds for a while, no matter how nice a Sunday it is. 

Whilst we’re on the topic, here are some other London markets you might want to explore:
Broadway Market (East)
Borough Market (South East)
Old Spitalfields Market (East)
Camden Market (North West)

And a few that might make you hop on a place for:
Marché des Capucins (Bordeaux, France)
Naschmarkt (Vienna, Austria)
Street Markets (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Markthalle Neun (Berlin, Germany)

Now, if only we can coax the sun to come out every weekend for the next few months…

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