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Do you think private dining with your very own chef is only for the rich and famous? Think again. It’s just as readily available for us mere mortals, thanks to Eatabout. I’m truly excited to introduce you to their concept of “eating beyond the restaurant” – and this buzzing startup could not be run by nicer people, which makes it all the more special.

Their idea is very simple. For so many of us, our favourite memories of eating and dining are entirely due to the company we spend time with. Even better, when gathering in a space that is your own and no one else’s, being able to play the music you like, eat at your own pace, and simply being in the comfort of a home, rather than a restaurant with strangers.

Now, if you combine that with a highly skilled and friendly chef to do all the hard work for you, does that not sound like heaven?

Felix and Philip are the founders of Eatabout, and along with my friend Alexandra (former Zomato community manager extraordinaire) who recently joined the team, they kindly invited a few of us for our very first Eatabout experience. Held at Felix and Philip’s flat in central London, it was an authentic representation of what we would expect from one of their chefs – a cosy gathering with friends, delicious food and wonderful service, and an incredibly fun evening that I didn’t want to end. 

You may be wondering how it’s different to something like a supperclub. The one big difference is that these dinners are to be booked by one single party only – whether it’s a party of two or ten. So you won’t be turning up hoping you’ll get along with the strangers you meet there (I’ve heard some awkward stories about those), and it’s perfect for special occasions when you want to think outside of the box.

Felix, a trained chef, provided us the feast for the evening, which was Peruvian Ceviche, Dressed Crab, Saffron Fish Soup and Caramelised apple with ice cream and rosemary. 

Although I honestly enjoyed everything, my favourite was probably the crab – the three different sauces that were served with it were all so delicious, and all the seafood was wonderfully fresh. All the Eatabout dinners are BYOB, so we had plenty of wine flowing (on top of the gigantic bottle of champagne they popped open for us!), and we all ate and chatted at a leisurely pace, which was just the best way to spend the evening. 

I have mentioned this before, but the best thing that has happened to me through blogging (almost 3 years now!), is the people that I’ve met. People who I now call my good friends, and each and every one of them has such passion, drive and dedication to whatever they commit themselves to, and it is truly inspiring. Philip, Felix and Alexandra all have these qualities in abundance, and I am so honoured and excited to have been introduced to their labour of love! 

Eatabout has about 30 chefs in London who are waiting to create these unique experiences for you, and you’re lucky enough to get £10 off your next booking with the voucher code GOEATABOUT. I definitely recommend having a look on their site, because there are so many different cuisines, price points and locations, there’s bound to be one that excites you!

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