sunday coffee date :: five.

I’m sorry to be a cliché, but how on earth is it May already?! 

I hope you are all making the most out of the long weekend (if you’re in the UK!) – my work isn’t particularly affected by it, and I still have a lot to get through, but the sun is shining and people seem to be in a better mood around the city, which I certainly enjoy! Work itself is something I’m particularly loving lately, and it’s keeping me on my toes. 

A mini fitness update: I had a couple of introductory personal trainer sessions at the gym recently, and I finally understand their value. E and I both trained with the same lovely lady who really knows her stuff, and is gentle yet knows how to push you just the right amount, and it was intense – I’ve been working out regularly for over 2 years now, and the two sessions I had on upper and lower body completely floored me! I’m excited to work on my new routine (a lot of strength training, and some HIIT) and become stronger. Although I won’t be having regular sessions, it’s great to have found someone I trust, and that I know will whip me into shape from time to time. 

A little random, but I was looking through my summer wardrobe when packing for Vietnam, and I was surprised to find quite a few items that I tried on and realised they were “too young” on me. Not surprised because I’m suddenly aware of my age (I’m well aware, thank you), but because I wore these items only 3 years ago or so, and I didn’t think I was dressing particularly inappropriately. I always think that I haven’t changed too much between being 25 and 28, but I think the ageing – no, maturing – clock is always ticking away, and not in a bad way either. My number one rule now for my wardrobe is that each item must pass one test: can I see myself wearing this when I’m 30? I already know I’m probably letting a few things slide, but by doing this, hopefully I won’t be so shocked that I’m an adult when I do hit the big 3-0… does anyone around my age have these odd thoughts?? 

And finally, a completely unrelated yet burning question that I want to ask to all camera (specifically Canon) enthusiasts. I have a Canon EOS M, and although I love the 22mm pancake lens that is made specifically for this lens (not so keen on the 18-55mm kit lens), I’ve been feeling like I’m missing a good all-rounder. I have a lens adaptor mount so I can use any Canon lens, and I’m wondering if the 50mm is the way to go. I’m looking for something not ridiculously expensive, and one that is a good neutral one to have. Any suggestions?

Have a great rest of the weekend, and thank you as always for chatting with me! 

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