the happy list :: february 2016

all photos from my Instagram!

Read: Red Leaves by Paullina Simons. I found this book in a charity shop and was intrigued, as it was one of the only books (possibly the only) by her that I hadn’t read. (Anyone else a fan of the Bronze Horseman trilogy?) It was pretty good, intriguing and I do enjoy her writing style.

Watched: Spotlight & The Big Short. I thought both were great – obviously very different, but they tackled two stories that can’t be easy to tell in effective and striking ways.

Ate: Barrafina Drury Lane. One of the best Tapas experiences in London!

Discovered: The Bullet Journal. It looks and sounds super complicated, but it’s actually fairly simple and very customisable, which I like – it’s encouraging me to keep a paper diary/journal/tasks/thoughts journal for the first time in many moons.

Clicked: SilverSpoon London by Angie. It’s always a pleasure to host her on WTW, as her blog is consistently professional, with regular and quality posts that will have you weak at the knees with hunger and wanderlust! This past month, she’s got you covered when it comes to Paris (best places to view the Eiffel tower & a true gem of a hotel), will educate you about champagne (as if we need any reason to drink it!), and has been enjoying life back in London with Chinese feasts and bottomless brunches

Listened: Slate’s Political Gabfest. My strange obsession with the US presidential campaign continues (although I find it hard to believe it’s still categorised as politics, hearing some of the things that come out of these candidates’ mouths) and this podcast is fun, and also can be educational for a US politics novice like me.

Blogged: Thoughts on Self-Employment.

Celebrated: E’s birthday. It was actually almost exactly 10 years ago that we started “dating” (although we knew each other from about 8 years before that) – hard to believe he’s 32! 

Thanks so much for reading!
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