the happy list :: november 2015

all photos from my Instagram!


Read: The Ice Twins by S. K. Tremayne. It was a definite page turner and the writing was also pretty good… didn’t blow me away though.

Watched: Now, if you know me pretty well, you’ll be shocked… I am about half a film away from finishing all six Star Wars movies. I’m sure my dad wouldn’t believe his ears, after that time he dragged me and my sister to the cinema for one of the earlier ones and I fell asleep. (Going to the cinema was a huge treat at the time, so I felt utterly devastated that it had been “wasted” on a film I had no interest in.) Of course, it’s all in the name of love… E is a big Star Wars fan, and is chomping at the bit to see the new one out in December. He didn’t make me watch them or anything, but I knew it would mean a lot to him so I decided to give it a go. I can’t say I’ve miraculously fallen in love, but I can definitely see the appeal, and I will be going to see the new one with E and his friend who is another SW fan. Wish me luck.

Ate: Birthday lunch at The Ledbury, of course.

Purchased: Although the whole Black Friday insanity is, well, a little insane, I admit to having taken advantage of it for a few things, including a ring that I have been coveting for a good couple of years now from Monica Vinader. It’s half an early Christmas present from E, and half me just plain spoiling myself. No regrets, I am in love.

Clicked:  – SilverSpoon London by Angie. As ever, Angie has been globe-trotting in style, and this month she’s been to St. Lucia, which quite frankly looks like paradise and heaven rolled into one. The beach, the mountain, the food and adventures… it’s too much! Back on home soil, she’s been enjoying some amazing food as usual, like that notoriously hard-to-book Jewish restaurant, the charming Ivy Cafe and some lovely Italian fare

                – The Girl Next Shore by Honey. First of all, I hate Honey a little bit this month, because she only went and saw U2 live on their tour. I am crying tears of envy inside. Of course, she’s annoyingly loveable so I have to forgive her, and she has given me plenty of delicious posts to read. From feasting at a boozy brunch,  being educated about Greek food, and superb sushi at Dinings, there’s always plenty of restaurant inspiration on TGNS!

Listened: I’m a big fan of almost all the NPR podcasts, but I’m particularly enjoying Pop Culture Happy Hour and Fresh Air. So many good podcasts, so little time. 

Blogged: Probably the Streets of Manhattan – all my NYC posts are my favourite, but I feel like that one catches the essence of our trip. 

Celebrated: Lots of things! Turning 28, getting a new job, my sister moving to London… it was an amazing month and I’ve barely stopped smiling.

Thanks so much for reading!
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