NYC sights :: the view from top of the rock

What is there to say about the skyline of Manhattan? One, it’s pretty much as you might imagine – that concrete jungle of wonder and awe. Two, if you want the skyline to include the Empire State Building, don’t go up the building itself – climb up to the Top of the Rock instead. 

I’m sure that most of you know what the Top of the Rock is, but just in case you don’t, it’s the viewing gallery at the top of the Rockefeller Center. You get a panoramic view of the entire city (although if your favourite building of the lot of the Chrysler Building, like E, it’s completely photo-bombed by the Met Life building from all angles. As we discovered when E got all ready and excited to see the Chrysler in all its glory… poor guy), and there’s not much you can’t see from there. 

We ideally wanted to go around sunset time, but those tickets sell out pretty quickly, so if you have your heart set on that, you should definitely book a day or two in advance. It was incredible to go on a day with a completely blue sky though – there was even a freshly married couple (two lovely looking guys wearing matching suits and corsages! what a beautiful sight) getting photos taken there, and everyone was cheering and it was so wonderful. We could also see the stunningly autumnal Central Park, and I honestly felt like I was floating on a cloud – it was a magical afternoon.

One little tip: we went to the Museum of Modern Art the day before, and found out that you can get a discount if you buy the MOMA/Top of the Rock tickets combo. Well worth it if you were wanting to visit both anyway!

Although I’m completely in the Christmas spirit now and London is a very special place to be during the festive holidays, we both still miss New York and hardly a day has passed since we returned that we haven’t talked about it. Can you blame us?

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