birthday resolutions :: 30 before 30

Today I turn 28. 

I thought I’d switch it up from my usual birthday resolutions and do a “30 before 30” list instead! Some of them are bigger tasks than others, but I just wanted something fun and visual to try and cross off in the next couple of years. Obviously, I only have two years left (gulp) so I’ve tried to keep it realistic. I’ll check back next year and let you know how I’ve got on… wish me luck.

30 before 30.

1 :: Take some driving lessons (I have a licence but have barely driven since I got it), so that I’m ready if we decide to get a car.

2 :: Read a novel in Japanese. (I’ve totally failed on this from last year.)

3 :: Travel to at least 2 new cities and/or countries – hopefully more if time/budget allows. 

4 :: Make forward steps with my career, whatever they might be. 

5 :: Learn to cook a delicious Pad Thai. 

6 :: Streamline my wardrobe, jewellery and beauty products. (Minimise belongings in general.)

7 :: Save £££. Not a specific amount, but a rough idea.

8 :: Find the perfect black leather jacket. 

9 :: Run two more races. Probably 10K, but I’m also toying with the idea of a Half Marathon…

10 :: Take a photography class.

11 :: Give more and regularly to charity.

12 :: Learn to make the best margarita, my favourite cocktail.

13 :: Improve my flexibility. 

14 :: Practise and improve my French with E.

15 :: Go to plays, concerts and live entertainment at least 6 times a year. 

16 :: Invest in a new camera lens.

17 :: Have a “staycation” in a nice hotel in London or nearby.

18 :: Keep up with the blog.

19 :: Learn to french plait my hair. I cannot get this for the life of me.

20 :: Make progress on certain relationships in my life that need working on.

21 :: Treat myself to a massage. I can never justify the cost but I think it would do me good.

22 :: Go to a ballet. It’s been far too long and I love ballet so much.

23 :: Write more handwritten notes and cards.

24 :: Go to Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. 

25 :: Make Katsu Curry for E, he’s begging me to for long enough.

26 :: Go on a trip with my sister – whether for work or pleasure, and whether here or abroad.

27 :: Find my dream drinks trolley. 

28 :: Smile more at strangers.

29 :: Go snorkelling again, somewhere (the Maldives again is probably not realistic, but one day!).

30 :: Watch more documentaries about history and science.


Thank you for sticking by me for another year – I’m so happy and grateful to turn 28, although I would quite like to slow time down now, until I turn 30… just a little bit.

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