sunday coffee date :: two.

beautiful éclairs my sister brought home from Selfridges!

It’s time for another catch up! Preferably over a large, steaming mug of your favourite beverage (I’m a black coffee girl through and through).

I know I’m not alone in loving this time of year – I may be biased as I’m an Autumn baby, but it’s such a beautiful, cosy season. Sure, the days are darker and colder and gone are the memories of summer sunshine (not that we had much of that in London anyway…) but when those crisp, blue-sky-ed days come around, they feel all the more special! Here I go being all British, talking about the weather…

You know what’s not British? America. You know who’s going to be in America in just one week? Us!! They’re going to love my smooth transitions over there.

In all seriousness, we are beyond excited to be jetting off to NYC so soon! It feels like the trip has come around so quickly – it felt like an age to wait when we booked our flights in March, but things have flown a mile a minute and here we are. I plan to eat everything in sight, shop a slightly unreasonable amount (but just slightly), run our 10K race without stopping (but probably without making a PR), and simply have the best possible time with my favourite travel (and life!) companion. We’ve booked about five restaurants so far, which is probably the limit, as we want a nice balance of planned & spontaneous. 

I’m actually a little overwhelmed at the amount of information, foodie recommendations and New York highlights that I’m finding on the internet and through friends – one trip is clearly not going to cut it! I’m like a freakishly possessed travel agent when it comes to planning city breaks (it’s that “must do all of the things” mentality), but luckily E is pretty laid back and will be reminding me to just soak it all in and go with the flow. Of course, I’ll be re-living the memories through my inevitably numerous blog posts, so I hope that’ll be a nice souvenir for fellow NYC enthusiasts and future visitors!

More exciting news: my sister is moving back to London after spending 6 years abroad! It’s not an easy process (especially with the London flat-hunting nightmare), but I’m so happy that we’ll be living in the same city and she’ll get sick of seeing me in no time.

Let me wrap it up here – for me, today is a working Sunday with a killer session at GymClass thrown in (I love this studio, makes me want to collapse after every class in the best possible way) and drinks with old school friends in the evening. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and let me know what you’re looking forward to this Autumn!

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