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Much like my frequent cravings for noodles, dim sum and pizzas, when I get a burger-shaped hankering, it needs to happen pronto. Luckily, I have friends like Alexandra who feel the same way, so off we went to Bukowski, somewhere neither of us had tried before but had heard good things about

The Brixton branch is located in the market, which is buzzing with a handful of popular restaurants and cafés. I’ve only been there twice, but I definitely plan to visit more often – it seems like there are lots of hotspots to explore there.

It was easy to get a table at 7 on a Friday night, which is a nice change – it’s hard to find anywhere decent that doesn’t require queueing or booking on any day of the week lately. I was starving, so we were pretty decisive and quickly went for two Fat Gringos (Beef patty, topped with Monterrey Jack cheese and candied bacon, jalapeno mustard, red onions, tomato, lettuce and a smoked pickle), Tobacco Onions (Thinly sliced onions floured, sprinkled with our spice mix, and fried) and Chilli Cheese Chips (Triple cooked chips topped with chilli con carne, cheese, sour cream and coriander). To drink, A went for a spiked milkshake and I happily sipped on a frozen margarita – a nice way to kick off the weekend!

I’m glad to report that we definitely approved of the burgers! We’re definitely not the easiest to please and know what we like when it comes to burgers, so I was glad that Bukowski didn’t let us down. I also loved the Tobacco Onions, the Chilli Fries not so much but probably just because I prefer regular ones. I liked the vibe of the place, too, and although we were asked whether we wanted anything else a few times whilst chatting for a while after we ate, we didn’t feel like we were being shooed away, which was appreciated (I hate when you’re having a good time and digesting, and they make you leave. Pet peeve). 

Well, having taken our time to wrap up our dinner, we were ready for something sweet – and A had the best idea, which was Yumitub in Pop Brixton. I had no idea what it was, but when we got to the stall, I was enthralled by this Thai rolled ice cream business. Basically, they chuck a cup of cream onto a frozen plate, and it becomes ice cream in front of your very eyes. They add the toppings of your choice, chop it all up whilst doing the freezing, and you’re presented with cups of literally rolled ice cream. 

If you find yourself in Brixton, you must try this place – it’s seriously good. My oreo & peanut butter ice cream was utterly delicious, and it was also just fun watching them make it! Alexandra made this snazzy video of it, which you should watch. op Brixton also seemed to have lots of other interesting stalls that I want to visit – I can’t keep up with all the fun on the London foodie scene!

All in all, a success of an evening – superb company, delicious food and a smashing dessert. Can’t ask for much more.

Unit 10 Market Row
Brixton Market
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