two years ago at chelsea old town hall

We were signing our lives away! 

Although our wedding in the South of France was the “main event”, we actually treasure this day just as much. Not least because we didn’t have the easiest of roads to get there, and it really was an incredibly special ceremony – not just a “signing of papers” deal. Married by one very welcoming, funny and memorable officiant, surrounded by some of our nearest and dearest, it was such a relaxed yet hugely significant morning, feeling the gravity and a strange sense of peace in the face of the occasion. 

Afterwards, we went for lunch at Jamie’s Italian with our friends, and it was a gloriously sunny day as we sat outside and feasted. In the evening, E and I went to Hyde Park with a bottle of champagne, and celebrated quietly whilst watching the sunset. I was never particularly fussed about having a fancy wedding, so if this had been it for us, I would have been perfectly happy (although having had a wonderful wedding, I have to say that I’m glad we did!) – I am still filled with so much gratitude and joy thinking back to 15th July 2013, and it has been a wonderful 2 years with a husband who makes me laugh, every single day. 

We won’t be spending our French wedding anniversary together this year (I will be in Ireland, prepping to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends’ wedding the following day – so exciting!), so we are definitely celebrating this evening with dinner and a bottle of bubbly. 2 years of marriage is a drop in the ocean for those who have been married for decades, but every milestone counts for something that is hard work (as any solid relationship is), so we will cherish this day and be thankful for everyone and everything that keeps us growing strong together. 

E, I know I’m not always easy to live with, but thank you for sticking by me anyway. I promise to not turn any (more) of your white clothes blue in the future – that was a genuine mistake. As was my leaving the laundry outside while it rained. Maybe I should be off laundry duty for a while?


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