provence :: sunset walk to oppède le vieux

We continued our French adventures down to the South, where E grew up. Although we did eventually make it to Aix, his hometown, first we stopped near the Cavaillon/Luberon area to stay at my mother-in-law’s for a night.

After a lunch break at l’Isle sur la Sorgue (where we enjoyed fresh seafood, wine and a short walk around the water), we relaxed, made dinner at home, and then went on a breathtaking walk to Oppède le Vieux. It was that absolutely perfect time of the day when the light is golden, the heat is waning and the sky slowly melts into pinks and reds. If only we could have walks like this everyday… a little tricky in London, but these memories will serve me well until I visit here again.

With a population of just over 1000, Oppède is a beautiful and tiny village, perched on top of a hill (we walked off a few mouthfuls of our dinner walking up it!). It has such provençal charm, and is the postcard image of a southeastern French town. It was quiet, but with the distant sound of a buzzing restaurant down the cobbled streets and church bells ringing in the evening light, it was the best kind of peaceful. 

As we walked home, the sun was sinking and the views were magical. I couldn’t help but take a silly number of photos – but these are some of my favourite ones that I’ve ever taken in the South of France, so I hope you like them too.

The next morning, we had the most decadent brunch outside in the sunshine (E’s scrambled eggs, his mum’s apple & rosemary tarts, which I must get a recipe of, amongst other delicious things like fig bread and madeleines), and tried to digest with a walk and some cherry picking (digesting by looking for more food. makes perfect sense). I am wistfully recalling the feeling of that sunshine on my skin – London hasn’t been too cold lately, but it could definitely learn a thing or two from Provence. 

Needless to say, I am ridiculously lucky that my family in law live in such gorgeous places – Paris, South of France, and one sister-in-law and her family even live in Vietnam! Where we are hoping to go early-ish next year, which would be so exciting.

Our Provence-Cote d’Azur adventures are not over yet though – I’ll be back with more wanderlust-worthy snaps!

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