the happy list :: april 2015

All photos from my Instagram!

Read: I’ve read it before, but I am re-reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, as I’ll be writing about it for the Book Club soon! 

Watched: E and I recently gave Daredevil (a new Netflix original series) a go, and quite liked it – it’s not amazing, but entertaining enough to watch whilst winding down for the night. I finally also watched The Imitation Game, and that is a fantastic film. 

Ate: The Kinako French Toast with Matcha Soft Serve at Shackfuyu can’t be beat. But I’ve also discovered a local cafe this past month that has become an obsession (Instagram followers of mine will definitely know what I’m talking about). I will be blogging about it ASAP. 

Purchased: I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of New Look clothing, but they somehow do great shoes at ridiculous prices. Nothing earth-shattering and probably not the best quality, but from what I’ve tried, the comfort levels are pretty decent – even with high heels. I got this pair (and the same style in patent nude) and wore them for a dressed up do this past month (the middle photo of the collage above!), and they look much more expensive than they actually are, plus are not too insanely uncomfortable for the heel height.

Clicked: The wonderful Angie has been on my sidebar again this past month, and she has had me hungry and wander-lusting with her recent posts! Her Duck & Waffle feature has me wanting to finally give that iconic place a go, and this breakfast with a view is simply dreamy. If you want to escape from the daily grind, head to SilverSpoon London for more adventures like these – but be warned, it’ll leave you itching to explore the world and ditch your packed lunch for fine dining.

Listened: I have yet another podcast obsession, but this is slightly different from the rest, as it’s spoken in 2 different languages. Bilingual News is a podcast where two friends, a half American half Japanese guy and a Japanese woman who is fluent in English, present current affairs and slightly off-the-beaten-path news in both English and Japanese, and they converse with each other in a mix of the two languages. I initially started listening to it, hoping to extend my Japanese vocab a little (I am fluent in Japanese but it needs a lot of improvement), but have been pleasantly surprised that the actual content is what’s really keeping my attention as well. I highly recommend it for any fellow Jap-Eng bilinguals out there, or anyone who is wanting to learn a bit of Japanese through osmosis!

Wore: Honestly, not anything of note! I’m a boring dresser most of the time, 90% monochrome, conservative jewellery… and PJs at home. Why do I have this category in my Happy List again?

Ran: 30.6km. I actually had the most frustrating month of running, due to a strange pain/discomfort in my right thigh that would suddenly appear about 2k into my run, and then I would hobble back home and the pain would disappear a few hours later. I had to cut several runs short because of this and although it frustrated me to no end, it also reminded me that I’m incredibly lucky to even be able to walk, let alone run, in the first place. I’m taking about 10 days off from running, and hopefully by next week this will have sorted itself out… I’ll keep you updated.

As for other exercise, I wrote a post on my experience so far with ClassPass if you fancy a read!

Blogged: I’ve enjoyed writing all my Bruges blog posts, but my favourite might be the one with photos from our boat ride along the canals. It was such a beautiful introduction to the city and I loved every minute of it.

Cooked: I’ve made good use of my beloved slow cooker this month, and the best thing I made was probably this pulled pork that E claimed was one my best ever dishes. He praised this more than the meals in the past I’ve slaved over the stove for… I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but it does mean that the slow cooker deserves the coveted space in our tiny kitchen!

Thanks so much for reading!
You can read the Happy List series here

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