salvation in noodles

That is actually the name of the restaurant, not just me seeking salvation in noodles – although it’s something I’m likely to do.

Good Vietnamese food is hard to come by in London, so when


asked if I was up for trying SIN, I was more than eager. The only slight downside (for me & my location) is that it’s in Dalston, an area I’d never ventured into before, because it just feels that little bit too far away… but will travel for food, and all that. It’s a bus ride away from a couple of tube stations, so it’s not


bad (and if you live East, it’s really not a trek at all, but I live on the other side of the city), but something to keep in mind.

Geographical logistics aside, I had a great evening of food and chatting with Angela, her boyfriend and his friend. It’s a cosy little place which is clearly popular, with friendly staff and a no-fuss vibe that I think suits Vietnamese cuisine.

With four of us hungry and ready to dig in, we ordered a selection of sharing plates: summer rolls, spring rolls, lamp chops and chicken wings. Although everything was delicious, the meat stood out for me – the chicken wings were so moreish with that sweet and salty flavour everyone loves, and the lamp was excellent too. Perfect little plates to open up our appetite!

Thankfully our appetites were still going strong when the noodles arrived, because those bowls are


You know those bowls that seem never-ending, no matter how much you think you’ve eaten? I went for the Bun Rieu, which is Vietnamese crab noodle soup with pork belly & prawns, which comes with these crab meat balls that take the dish up a notch. It was incredibly fresh but pretty spicy, so I’d stay away from it if you’re not a spice fan – I really enjoyed it myself. They also have other noodles, such as the classic Pho and also noodle salads, if you’re not keen on soups. 

I’m kind of hoping that they open a branch somewhere central at some point, although that would mean we’d probably have to fight for a table… in the meantime though, I’d definitely recommend it for those who want to quench their Vietnamese noodle craving and not be disappointed. 

Up next on my Vietnamese food trail is Cafe East, which I’ve heard rave reviews of. If you have any other suggestions, let me know!

Salvation In Noodles

122 Balls Pond

N1 4AE

020 7254 4534













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