the happy list :: march 2015

All photos from my Instagram!

Read: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I’ve actually been an incredibly slow reader this month (the first month in ages that I didn’t finish a book) as I’ve spent a lot of my commuting time either drafting emails/blog posts/etc. or listening to podcasts. I will share my thoughts once I’m done though!

Watched: I missed The Grand Hotel Budapest when it came out, and managed to watch it this month. It’s beautifully weird and filmed fantastically well, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Ate: The best meal out I had this month is not written up on the blog yet (it will be in a few days!), but the Bleecker St. Burger was pretty amazing. 

Purchased: Without a doubt, our tickets to NYC!! As everyone told us that October is the best time to go to New York (and luckily we have a week in October with less work than usual), we finally bit the bullet and booked our flights for the end of October. We absolutely cannot wait, and have already started plotting trips to the Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, multiple foodie hotspots (it will be difficult to choose!), and even a Halloween-themed 10K race around Roosevelt Island! I apologise in advance if I mention this trip a ridiculous number of times in the next 7 months, but I have been wanting to go to NYC for the longest time (I have been before, but I was too young to remember it) and it’s so exciting.

Clicked: – The stunning panoramic views of Cape Town shared by Angie from Silverspoon London absolutely took my breath away! As well as her wonderfully personal account of her facing her fear of heights to get to the summit, in true Angie style, she also shares a delectable meal of fresh seafood just to top it all off. Big, wanderlusting sigh. Did you read the postcard she sent me from South Africa?

              – Miranda’s Notebook has been mentioned on WTW before, and with good reason – Miranda’s blog is beautiful, and I love reading about her adventures as a fellow Londoner. Recent favourite posts of mine include this delicious Rhubarb Fizz recipe, and her day in Brixton (I could never pull off her outfit, she looks so stylish!). I also always enjoy her Gratitude Lists. Definitely one to add to your blogroll! 

Listened: I actually don’t want to give my current podcast obsession away just yet, as I have an exciting idea for a blog series planned around it… but for now, I will tell you that music-wise, I’ve recently discovered Tom Rosenthal and absolutely adore his songs. 

Wore: I basically live in black skinny jeans, and my current favourites are the Topshop Leigh ones in Petite. As a very short person, I really appreciate jeans that don’t need to be rolled/hemmed up, and are also comfortable and a good fit – these are all of the above and I love them.

Ran: 57.0km. I have got back into the groove of running and it feels so good! E and I go running 3 times a week on average, as we used to last year, and are so glad we started again. 

In addition, I’ve also been trying other workouts thanks to ClassPass, that has just come over to London from the US. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a monthly pass that gives you unlimited access to a huge number of different fitness classes around London. After using up my trial week (that you can get for £10 – link here!) and really enjoying it (I’ve tried different types of Pilates, Barre classes and hot yoga so far, I’ve signed up for 6 months and I hope to get as much as I can out of it! I’ll do a separate post on it soon, for those who may be interested.

Blogged: My favourite post of the month was Behind The Scenes :: of a confused expat. It seems that it was a popular one with you lovely readers too, which makes me happy! It’s such a huge part of who I am and it can be difficult to express it into words, but I tried.

Cooked: I failed slightly on the cooking front this month, but I did make that Chorizo, Kale & Sweet Potato Hash which went down well, if I may say so myself!

Thanks so much for reading!
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