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If you gather together a group of bloggers where they get to chat with each other, sip on wine and get creative with delicious food, it’ll pretty much be a guaranteed success. And our lovely evening at Konditor & Cook’s Cake School (organised by Nuffnang) was perfect proof of that! 

Now, I may not be Star Baker at the Great British Bake Off anytime soon, but our masterclass was as educational as it was great fun. I learnt a few key things along the way about decorating with icing, and also got to finally meet bloggers that I’d “known” on the internet for a while which is always so nice.

Laure, our teacher, was so bubbly, friendly and full of contagious enthusiasm, which really lit up the class and made us all feel like we could tackle this! We were given professional aprons (got to dress the part), and started off by learning how to make piping bags out of parchment paper, which I never knew about. Once we got the hang of it, we made a good batch in minutes and had them ready with beautifully coloured icing, ready for the main event.

We started off slowly, practising on our boards first and learning a few tips and tricks. Let me tell you – this piping business is so much harder than it looks! When Laure was showing us hers, I thought, “Ok, that looks simple enough, I’ve got this.” Not so much.

Once we’d had a good go on the boards, we moved on to biscuits – round, gingerbread & heart shaped biscuits. As I saw the others immediately start decorating and clearly knowing what they were doing, I stood with my mind completely blank at my bases. I’d made a good dent in my wine glass, so why weren’t my creative juices flowing?!

In the end, I just went with whatever popped into my head – I made the gingerbread man into Heisenberg (only Breaking Bad fans would get this!), did some girly designs on the other biscuits and gave myself a pat on the back for trying. 

But then, we were presented with the pièce de résistance – the Konditor & Cook’s signature cake, Curly Wurly Cake. 

Yet again, my mind was as white as the blank canvas icing, and I had no idea what to do. It didn’t help that right next to me, Reema had somehow come up with a stunning design with a flamingo that looked ridiculously professional. What to do? I ended up doing a ribbon design that made the cake look like a present – my icing skills weren’t exactly up to scratch, but you get the idea which is what I was after!

Also pictured below is the adorable bee cake by Lisa and the artistic Pollock design cake by Tea

We had such a fun evening getting our hands dirty and learning new skills, and with wonderful company too. I am really so lucky to be able to have experiences like these through blogging, and to meet and chat with like-minded people which is always the best part. 

On top of all of that, we were sent home not only with our biscuits and ginormous cakes, but also with a very generous goodie bag that included their cookbook and bags of brownies, meringues & lemon moons. Let’s just say I was on a sugar high for the rest of the week.

K & C offer different set & bespoke packages for masterclasses like these, which I think are ideal for gifts, special occasions or just for a different and unique activity with friends and family. You can check out their website for their full menu.

Thank you so much to Konditor & Cook for hosting us, and to Nuffnang for inviting us! 

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