Day out: Camden & Hampstead Heath

With big changes looming close for both me and my best friend, we decided to make the most of the day and spend some quality time stomping around London town.

First stop was Camden, somewhere neither of us venture into very often, but all that buzz and colour today reminded me that I really should! We wandered around the market, sniffed the delicious food (and tucked into big fat burritos), eyed up the handmade jewellery and had a lovely time in the sun. Oh, and we had a cheeky stop for very special ice cream which I will share next time.

Next up, we went to soak up even more Vitamin D on Hampstead Heath. It was quite the hike as we got a bit lost, the heath really needs more signs and maps (because clearly it is not our inadequate senses of direction…)! In the end, we made it to the Ladies’ Pond with the help of some very friendly girls, and we lay in the sun and chatted about life.

After a well-earned drink in a local pub garden (having fun is obviously hard work!), we ended the day with some korean food at Bibimbap in Soho. 

I urge you, grab your best friend and spend the weekend frolicking in the sunshine while it’s ours. It cures just about anything, I promise.

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    I love the getting soak in vit.D part. My bff and I loves doing it too.It's really great to have time with your best friend right? Such a retail therapy beyond words.♡,Riza

    July 13, 2013 at 9:02 am
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